Closing Express, Inc. uses PayPal to process payments. An estimate of the fees charged to Closing Express, Inc, by PayPal will be added to your payment. The estimated fees added to your payment is currently 2.9%.   You agree to pay any additional PayPal fees charged to Closing Express, Inc. in connection with your payment. Fees may exceed 2.9% form many reasons, including but not limited to, changes in PayPal pricing,  payments originating outside the U.S or payments imitated in a currency other the the U.S. Dollar. You agree the fees charged by PayPal are non refundable by Closing Express Inc. cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

The payment of any contract deposits to lease or purchase of property by credit card or PayPal is strictly prohibited.  If you intentionally or negligently initiate the payment of a contract deposit or initiate a payment for an amount larger then intended, you agree that Closing Express, Inc. is under no obligation to refund or facilitate a refund of the fees and costs charged by PayPal to process your erroneous payment.